We are an independent financial advisory firm working with a handful of select clients.
We offer completely confidential, highly personalized service and integrated solutions.
We provide unbiased advice in managing wealth.
We are committed to providing advice that is completely objective, and therefore BCA does not, itself, manage client funds.


Bitterroot Capital Advisors (“BCA”), LLC is an independent financial advisory firm addressing the needs of select private clients with substantial assets.

We provide objective advice and assistance in managing wealth. Our core capabilities lie in dealing with complex financial and investment issues – developing custom tailored solutions and assisting with their execution to help clients achieve their long-term financial objectives.

BCA is a registered investment advisor regulated by the S.E.C. in the United States and in Canada by the O.S.C.

We offer completely confidential, highly personalized service in developing integrated solutions to address a comprehensive range of issues, often involving:

  • Investment Objectives & Strategy
  • Public & Private Investment Holdings
  • Asset Allocation & Risk Management
  • Investment Manager Selection, Due Diligence & Monitoring
  • Income Tax & Trust/Estate Matters
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Although our advice often involves helping clients select and evaluate portfolio managers and investments, BCA does not custody client assets, nor do we invest or manage client funds ourselves.

BCA is relationship - not transaction - driven.


As such, we provide our advice through continuing senior-level attention and personal interaction with our clients over time.

While carrying out agreed upon action plans, BCA routinely supplements its own skills with that of other specialists, e.g. tax, legal, banking, etc. as necessary. Our clients may wish to use their existing relationships, or we can suggest additional outside expertise as appropriate.

We are committed to providing advice that is completely objective, and therefore BCA does not, itself, manage client funds. Furthermore, to be able to identify, evaluate and recommend world-class investment managers to our clients without any conflicts (real or perceived), we also avoid affiliations with fund managers, brokers and the like. Our income comes solely from fees paid by our clients – we do not accept commissions, rebates or other consideration from third parties.

Client Selection

We attempt to match carefully BCA’s strengths with clients’ needs, therefore our services are not for everyone.

We believe that BCA delivers maximum value to clients seeking relationship-oriented advice on complex issues — typically over an extended time period.

While individual client circumstances vary widely, they usually share some common attributes. Our clients include citizens of the U.S. as well as other countries. They all have substantial resources but often their assets are in a form or held in a way that complicates or restricts how they can be used or invested. These situations might be due to concentrated investments in public or private family businesses or partnerships, income or estate/gift tax related constraints, or illiquid public markets for registered or unregistered stock, to name a few. Issues such as these are of course also intertwined with typical investment concerns such as risk-management, diversification, liquidity, estate planning, etc. It is in these circumstances where we believe that BCA can deliver unique value.

BCA has no prescribed minimum asset size for client selection. However, client resources should be such as to economically justify the customized, senior-level personal attention and service that BCA provides. We believe that our selectivity offers mutual benefits in that it matches BCA’s strengths with a very small number of in-depth relationships.