About Us

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Bitterroot Capital Advisors, LLC (“BCA”) is an exclusive financial advisory firm. We serve a select group of clients with substantial assets who want the benefits of leading their desired lifestyles without undue risk.

“Being independent allows us to make the right decisions for clients, without bias. Bitterroot Capital Advisors does not invest or manage client funds.”

Our clients are unique and, as a result, the solutions we provide are custom-tailored. Our core capabilities can provide the peace of mind to allow you to protect and grow your wealth without hindering your lifestyle.

We are confidential, international and comprehensive. We are a registered investment advisor regulated by the S.E.C. in the United States, and the O.S.C. in Canada.

We provide advice, service and strategy, but do not offer money management, which eliminates an important conflict of interest. Our only interest is your wellbeing. And to help you get there, we provide the best possible advice. We call it unconditional advice.