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We work with people who desire and can benefit from our singular approach. From this potential group, we select those with whom we can develop lasting relationships. We look for people who want us to protect their wealth without hindering their lifestyle. We have no prescribed minimum asset size, however client resources should economically justify the customized, personal attention that we provide.

“With a handful of select private clients, BCA’s very personalized—and exclusive—services are not for everyone. We are fully accountable and believe in applying judgment to produce results, not promises.”

We provide exquisitely tailored service, but we differentiate ourselves by providing unparalleled advice. We have a diverse team, with complementary areas of expertise that enables us to provide a comprehensive range of services, pursue worldwide investment opportunities, solve problems and get results.

When you work with us, you have the power of the team and the ongoing attention of our senior-level executives. We are experts at integrating the advice of other specialists, such as tax, legal and banking, into our strategies—whether such advice is from existing relationships or from those whose expertise we might recommend as a complement. To this mix we add best-in-class investment managers.

Either way, we have the expertise and wisdom to provide the best advice possible.

We avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest. We do not manage money, nor do we have affiliations with fund managers or brokers. We do not accept commissions, rebates or consideration from third parties.

Our income comes directly from fees. We exist so that our clients are well informed and their financial futures are wisely protected. We are fully accountable and believe in applying judgment to produce results, not promises.